Different Tests for Different Breasts With GE Healthcare ABUS

Different Tests for Different Breasts

Ladies, yes, you are intelligent creatures. But “Are You Dense”? Even though public awareness of Breast Cancer has never been greater, a surprising 47-percent of women don’t know the answer to this question – in fact, they’ve never asked, or been asked. But the statistics on Breast Density are staggering: 40-percent of American women have dense breasts, and having dense breasts increases the likelihood of developing cancer by 4-6 times. Unfortunately, both dense breast tissue and cancerous growths show up white on a mammogram, which is why mammography may miss over 1/3 of cancers in dense breasts. Currently, the Invenia Automated Breast Ultrasound, or ABUS, is the only FDA-approved technology for dense breast screenings. Cancer shows up dark on ultrasound, and the automated ABUS. Join Breast Cancer Survivor and Advocate Dr. Rachel Brem for this potentially life-saving special report that helps raise public awareness on breast density, early breast cancer detection and early diagnosis.

The Balancing Act

The Balancing Act® on Lifetime® TV Goes PINK for Breast Cancer in October


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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime® TV Goes PINK for Breast Cancer in October

Special “GO PINK!” edition airing on October 1st will empower women with information on game changing advances in early tumor detection and post-treatment; GE Healthcare shares how women should be aware of the need for different tests for different breasts, especially when considering breast density

(POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – PR Newswire – September 29, 2014) October isGE Healthcare’s ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound) and to show its support, the award-winning show The Balancing Act® is dedicating a special “GO PINK” episode to raise awareness about two critical times – early detection and post-treatment. GE Healthcare is a featured partner in the “GO PINK!” special which will first air on Wednesday, October 1st at 7:30 am (ET/PT) on the Lifetime channel and re-air on October 8th, October 27th and November 3rd.

The Balancing Act® is proud to partner with GE Healthcare for the GO PINK! Special as the company is at the center of the latest cutting-edge technologies and advancements in its field — and shares the show’s mission to educate and empower women about their health.

“The Balancing Act recognizes women today want and need to be educated with trusted information in order to make more informed decisions about their health and the health of those she loves. The ground breaking information presented in our GO PINK! Breast Cancer Special will have the power to change the lives of millions of women at both ends of the Breast Cancer journey,” said Meta Circhansky, Director of Programming, The Balancing Act.

GE Healthcare will anchor the show, opening with a discussion about the need for different tests for different breasts, asking women: do you know your breast density? Statistics show that 47 percent of women don’t know if they have dense breasts or not.* Having dense breasts increases a women’s likelihood to develop cancer by up to four to six times**. Dr. Rachel Brem, breast cancer survivor and Radiologist and Director of Breast Imaging and Intervention from George Washington University, will explain how, for women with dense breasts, mammograms may be less effective in detecting cancer. Both cancer and dense tissue show up white on a mammogram, so trying to detect the cancer is like trying to find a marshmallow in a cloud.

With GE Healthcare’s ABUS (Automated Breast Ultrasound), the only FDA-approved technology currently available for dense breast screening, cancer shows up dark, so doctors can more easily find cancers hidden in dense breast tissue. The 15 minute semi-automated exam takes comprehensive views of the breast and gives healthcare providers more detailed images of tissues. It’s vital for women to determine whether or not they have dense breasts because of the increased risk factor for cancer.

For more information, please visit: http://www.gehealthcare.com/inveniaabus and http://www.AreYouDense.org

*According to Working Mother Research Institute
**Boyd, et al, NEJM Jan 2007.

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