From Oz to Texas to Cyberspace – This show covers it all.

Internet Security and VPN's, Say Greens Please, & Wizard of Oz

Hacking into your kid’s phone or internet activity is as easy as a click of a button. Did you know child predators could potentially hack some of your child’s technology gadgets or even their TOYS just as easily? Today’s kids are more vulnerable than ever. Discover how VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks), — affordable technology that can help protect anyone surfing the Internet…you, your child and loved ones, wherever they are. From Cyber Space to the big stage…The Balancing Act goes to off-Broadway…where we meet Dorothy, The Wicked Witch, and iconic characters from the 1939 classic film. Enjoy the modern day musical version of the Wizard of Oz…where host Amber Milt clicks her heels to arrive in Baltimore for a journey to Oz like no other! From shoes to to migraines…did you know a migraine is not just another headache?…it can literally shut a person down. And finally: find out how college kids are eating healthy. Just say Greens, please!