From Fresh to Amazing in 90 Seconds!

Are you searching for a healthy protein? The Balancing Act offers solutions.

Get ready to be amazed with some delicious salmon! As you know, salmon is an excellent food to help us get — or stay on a healthy track. Celebrity Chef Lindsay Autry joins us to tell us about Rebel Fish Salmon – fresh salmon that’s ready to eat in just 90-seconds! And at only 300-calories, 36-grams of protein, and a ton of Omega3s—we’re talking Super Food! Preparing fish should be easy and convenient. Rebel Fish Salmon can be microwaved, baked, cooked on your stove or grilled. And it comes with six rebelliously delicious rubs: Cilantro Lime, Lemon Pepper Herb, Barbeque, Maple Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt, Cajon Blackened and Thai Chili. Rebel Fish Salmon was inspired by restaurants and global culinary flavors. Get ready to cast your net for a plate full of deliciousness! You don’t want to miss it!

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