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Food for your body, soul and mind. From the dinner table to the college campus.

Saving for college has never been more important or vital. And college costs have never been more expensive. Meet Jordan Lee, developer of CollegeBacker, a high-tech solution helping save for your kids’ college education. Discover better health through better snacking. Registered Dietitian Lauren O’Connor brings her vast and practical knowledge of healthy eating/snacking to The Balancing Act. AMG Naturally joins us to discuss how to age gracefully as you achieve ‘Super Skin’. You won’t want to miss this! Need some spice in your life? Learn how chile sauces can enhance taste, bringing food flavors to a whole new, mouth-watering level. Southwestern style food dishes are a food trend that’s has never been hotter! Join Chef Paul to see how spice and flavor can make your dinner time better than ever.