Financial Independence Through The Financial Services Institute

Cetera Financial Group and Financial Services Institute (FSI)

Sound strategic financial decisions are often complicated for individuals lacking adequate financial acumen  and investment management experience. Join independent financial advisor Carina Diamond, Managing Director of SS&G Wealth Management, along with Catherine Bonneau, president and CEO of Cetera Financial Institutions, a member firm of the Financial Services Institute, as they discuss success-strategies for women seeking to establish and achieve financial goals for a lifetime of financial security.

The Balancing Act

Investing for a Sound Future

Did you know that women make many of the daily financial decisions for the family?

You work hard and do the very best you can to save money for your future, but is that money working for you? Having a savings is wise, however investing that savings so your money can work to make more money for you can help you create a sound financial future.

The financial climate in our country is tumultuous and can cause feelings of uncertainty and anxiety when it comes to your financial future. You may not think that you have enough money to invest but Cetera Financial Group and the Financial Services Institute want to help show you that you do.

The Financial Services Institute (FSI) represents independent financial firms, like Cetera Financial Group, advisors and their clients across the country. Collectively, they want you to understand that working with a financial advisor, investing for your future is not just for the wealthiest Americans, it is for everyone.

Working with an independent financial advisor is nothing like “Wall Street” as independent advisors are small business owners, like many of their clients and they are in the business of helping you achieve your financial goals, not to fill the pockets of corporate America.

Working with an independent financial advisor can help you:

  • Plan for retirement
  • Plan for education costs for your children
  • Achieve financial goals for you and your family regardless of your income
  • Direct you on financial matters to help improve your present as well as your future

The majority of women are major breadwinners in the family and they make many of the daily financial decisions concerning their family. Cetera Financial Group and the Financial Services Institute want to educate women on financial planning so they can have an understanding of savings and investing. Working with an advisor they trust can help them stay on track and feel secure in their decisions to create a solid foundation of financial security.

Everyone could use some financial advise, so visit or to learn more and discover how you can find the right independent financial advisor for you to help you create a sound financial future for yourself and your family.
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