Enhancing Life Through the Beauty of Fragrance

Thymes, where fragrance invites discovery of beauty in everyday life.

The world of fragrances is a special one indeed. Thymes LLC specializes in the fascinating product arena – having started from humble beginnings 30-years ago to becoming a global player in the highly competitive and evolving world of specialized scents and fragrances. It’s a company dedicated to artisan craftsmanship and deepening connections through a love of fragrance; by creating fragrances that enrich the quality of a woman’s daily experience. Thymes’ fragrances are composed in their on-site fragrance studio, where chemists and perfumers blend nature, art and science creating products that are truly memorable. Thymes designs fragrances that balance familiarity and intrigue, rooted in botanical perfumery. Drawn from nature, these unique formulations are craft to be skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and a pleasure to use. Join Thymes’ CEO Anne Sempowski Ward as she brings her vast knowledge and experience about all things olfactory to The Balancing Act.

The Balancing Act

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