Dermatology at Your Fingertips

“Expert Diagnosis, Personal Care”

One of the greatest benefits of technology is when it’s used to support better health, better healthcare access, and better quality of life. That’s why so-called Tele-Health is here to stay. One of the most effective collaborations in medicine is the use of Tele-Health in the field of Dermatology. Why? Well for one, your skin is by far your largest organ. Second, skin cancer remains the most common cancer in the U.S., with melanoma being one of the deadliest cancers. In fact, experts say there’s a Melanoma Epidemic facing our skin – despite skin cancers being highly treatable with early diagnosis. Part of the problem is this: More than 40% of Americans live in a region where access to a dermatologist is very limited. Skin problems account for 25% of all visits to a non-dermatologist. Getting in to see a dermatologist can take months. But skin problems often get worse, and serious conditions can become dangerous – which does nothing for your health OR your peace of mind.

The Balancing Act