Delicious Ramen Noodles Meal With No Cleanup

Maruchan, Delicious Meal with no Cleanup

On this episode of The Balancing Act, our Everyday Gourmet series has an idea for family supper night using delicious ramen noodles, that won’t leave you cleaning up afterwards!  It’s Southwestern style Ramen Noodles, and you won’t need pots or even bowls.  Don’t miss it!

The Balancing Act

Easy Clean Up Meal

Cook up a quick, easy and warm dinner with a Southwestern flair …..and no pots, no pans, no mess and no fuss!

Did you just have a long day at work, picking up the kids or running errands then came home to the dilemma of deciding what to have for dinner?

The last thing you want right now is to cook up a meal that requires a lot of clean up…well, Maruchan is ready to help!

Maruchan is the maker of the well-known Ramen noodles, and has added the convenient Maruchan Bowl. Now the great thing about these bowls is that you cook them in the microwave and eat right out of it – no need to get out your plates or bowls!

So for hungry families everywhere, here’s a quick and easy dinner idea with a Southwestern flair … pots, no pans, no mess and no fuss:

  • Chose your Maruchan Noodle bowl flavor, (i.e. Spicy Shrimp or chicken); peel the lid back half-way
  • Remove both flavor packets
  • Add water as directed on package
  • Microwave for 4 minutes
  • While cooking, cut up some thin slices of avocado, finely chop some cilantro and dice a tomato
  • When bowls are done, add flavor packet #2 and stir
  • Add extra ingredients
  • Serve with your favorite bread

So with just a cutting board, silverware, and Maruchan, dinner is served!

You can find Maruchan ramen noodles in the soup aisle of your local supermarket.

Watch how easy it is to create a no clean-up meal, here:

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For busy families, ideas for warm, quick and easy dishes are always welcome. On this episode of The Balancing Act, the Everyday Gourmet series offers an idea for family supper night that won’t leave one cleaning up pots and pans afterwards. Watch as a family cooks up Southwestern style Ramen noodles that cook in its own Maruchan bowl. For more information and recipe ideas, please go to:

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