Creating Solutions Though Passion

Find your passion!

Where will your passion take you? On The Balancing Act we hear from award winning photographer, Lew Lautin about The Who Are We project, as he talks about and rasies awareness of the growing crisis of homelessness and hunger. Also on the show, watch Celebrity Mixologist, Master Barman and Jägermeister Brand Ambassador Willy Shine puts the splash in your Summer Beverage Celebration with his passion for the perfect DIY Cocktail. And thanks to a NASA scientist, his passion led to the creation of the Theradome Helmut. It’s a clinical strength laser technology helmet that helps people experience the benefits of increased hair growth. However for some people, hair loss can be due to hypothyroidism. Get the A-Z on Hypothyroid Disease to learn more about WP Thyroid, the purest hypothyroid medication available, and Nature-Throid, trusted by patients and doctors for more than 80 years, are two of the best ways to treat hypothyroidism naturally. Watch The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television.