Create a Happier and Healthier Home and Body

Creating a happy body, car and home.

Today we have tips to ensure your home, body and car are in tip-top shape! Our “Mortgage 101″ series continues with the experts from Affinity Partnership. We learn about Home Equity Line of Credit and how they can provide much needed cash. We also get the basics on reverse purchases and who this special type of financial arrangement is for, how to qualify, as well as how it works. Moving from home to car, we have tips from Sears Auto Center to ensure your car is environmentally friendly as possible. Happy car, happy body? We’re switching gears and discussing dry brushing. The Tampico Brush from Yerba Prima is made with natural vegetable fiber bristles and can help exfoliate the skin, increase blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Keeping our focus on health, we’re with Dr. Jay Wohlgemuth of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated to discuss this revolutionary approach to personalized medicine. And what’s a show without food? We’re in the kitchen with Chef Ralph creating sourdough bread heaven!