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We Americans take our coffee seriously. 400 million cups serious.  That’s how much we down EVERY SINGLE DAY!  But do you know what the best way is to purchase your coffee?  To brew it?  To store it?  Did you know you actually have a coffee palate?  What about the studied health benefits of your Cup O’ Joe? See? You didn’t know as much as you thought you did about America’s favorite beverage! The Saurage family has been providing Americans with the perfect cup of coffee for 95 years. Community Coffee Company has grown from a small Louisiana coffee provider to one of America’s most distinguished and beloved gourmet coffee experiences. Featuring the top 10% of beans in the world, watch and learn why your coffee cup needs Community Coffee in it!

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Making that Perfect Cup of Joe

When a family has been in the coffee business for 90 years, they definitely know a thing or two about coffee!

It’s no surprise that here in the U.S. nearly 400 million cups of coffee are consumed every single day!

And that first cup of coffee is a morning ritual for many people. Whether they brew it themselves or visit their local coffee chain on the way to work, most people start their day enjoying and savoring that first cup of coffee.
Community Coffee Company knows about what makes the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee.

For four generations, the family-owned Community Coffee Company has been cultivating, learning and educating people about coffee ever since 1919 when founder Henry Norman Saurage discovered how to make a great-tasting cup of coffee in his general store in Louisiana. That was the coffee that started it all. Loved by neighbors and friends, Community Coffee was born.

When a family has been in the coffee business for going on 100 years, they definitely learn a thing or two about coffee! For example:

• Morning Coffee gives people that “feel-good” jolt because the caffeine actually stimulates specific receptors in the brain.

• You actually have a “Coffee palate” and it can be trained to appreciate the different flavors and nuances of different types of coffee.

• Just like you pair fine wines with specific foods, different coffee roasts or blends flavors are accentuated when paired with different foods. For example: the general rule of thumb is the richer the dessert, the darker the roast.

That’s just a start. For coffee connoisseurs there is so much more, what beans are used (100% Arabica only for Community Coffee), the difference between roasts, how to create an interesting blend and most importantly, the best way to brew that perfect cup.

Community Coffee Company is just as passionate about educating people on coffee as they are on producing the highest quality coffee. IF you buy the best, why not learn how to prepare and serve it in the way that highlights the superior taste the Community Coffee Company is known for? Community Coffee is also passionate about their Military Match initiative which ships coffee overseas to our military servicemen and women.

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Make sure to tune in to The Balancing Act on Monday, November 10 and 17, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. (ET/PT) on the Lifetime Channel as Matthew Saurage gives you a coffee education to the brim.

Visit to learn more about what makes a great cup of coffee and shop their selection of top quality beans.

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