Celebrating National Rice Month with Creative Recipes – QuickBytes with Ralph Pagano

Looking for quick, healthy recipes using rice?

September is National Rice Month.  And what better time to discuss a fan favorite—the very versatile and healthy grain – RICE!  Join Chef Ralph Pagano in the kitchen, as he prepares some quick and easy recipes using rice, from Riceland Foods. Riceland is FAMILY FARMER OWNED, which means the guys and gals who grow the rice are also the owners of the company.  Now that’s family!  Did you know that there are various types of rice and that some work better than others for specific recipes? ‘Good information to know!  And speaking of information, Riceland’s website will teach you everything you need to know about rice—including the various types– how to buy it and store it.   Plus– you can also meet some of the dedicated family farmers who grow it.  Learn all about Riceland Foods.

The Balancing Act

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    Great job! we love our Riceland farmers!