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Naturally fermented foods have become a popular part of healthy eating, day-to-day dining and even fine-dining…from pickles to sauerkraut to pickled tomatoes…naturally fermented foods are simply great tasting and great for you. Join Chairman and CEO of Bubbies of San Francisco, John Gray, as he brings a lineup of Bubbies pickled taste treats to Lifetime Television and The Balancing Act. He and host Olga Villaverde discuss the health benefits too often unassociated with healthy probiotic foods.

The Balancing Act

A Pickle a Day

Does a pickle a day keep the doctor away? If you suffer from IBS, it may!

Certain pickles, that is! Naturally fermented foods are actually beneficial to digestive health.

April is National Irritable Bowel Syndrome Month and anyone who is suffering from that condition may benefit from eating fermented foods, which contain live cultures (probiotics).

Bubbies Pickles is one of the few pickle makers in North America who ferment their pickles to keep them authentic and fresh!

Their Pickles are made in the Old World Style, from an authentic family recipe. The ingredients are simple: pure kosher dill pickles prepared with special herbs and all natural salt. If you eat bread, beer, cheese, wine, vinegar, soy sauce, sauerkraut, miso or yogurt you are already eating fermented foods!

Bubbies product line includes these fermented foods:

  • Pickles
  • Horseradish
  • Relish
  • Sauerkraut
  • Green Tomatoes
  • Herring Filets

…and for optimum digestive health are…

  • Non GMO
  • Gluten Free
  • With probiotics

Change things up and add some crunch to your life with these recipes using Bubbies products:

CROSTINI: Toasted baguette slices spread with your favorite creamy cheese and topped with slides of Bubbies Green Tomato Pickles

SALAD DRESSING: Whish the juice from Bubbies Kosher Dills with your favorite olive oil to make a bright, healthful vinaigrette dressing

DIP OR SPREAD: Whisk Bubbies Kosher Dill Relish with mayonnaise or Greek yogurt for a creamy dip or spread

You won’t want to miss this episode on The Balancing Act airing on Friday, April 18th and 25th at 7:00 am (ET/PT)on Lifetime TV as John Gray, experienced cook and CEO of Bubbies San Francisco talks fresh pickles for our health as part of April’s line-up for National Irritable Bowel Syndrome Month.

Stay tuned for more on fermented foods as this miniseries continues!

The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Talks IBS and Digestive Health Benefits of Fermented Foods


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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Talks IBS and Digestive Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Bubbies of San Francisco takes center stage on April 18th and 25th Show

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG – April 18, 2014) Award-winning morning show The Balancing Act® airing on the Lifetime® Channel welcomes Bubbies of San Francisco, makers of fermented foods, the show. Make sure to tune in on Friday, April 18thth and April 25th at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) as The Balancing Act hosts help jump start the day with animated conversation, recipe ideas and trusted information to empower a woman’s life.

Don’t miss this featured segments taking center stage on The Balancing Act:

– Combat IBS Suffering with Pickled Foods from Bubbies
May is National Irritable Bowel Syndrome month and for those suffering, choosing the right foods can be a challenge. Join our host Olga with John Gray, chef and CEO of Bubbies of San Francisco in The Balancing Act kitchen to talk about naturally fermented foods and their digestive health benefits. John will explain how natural and raw-food alternatives in meals can help alleviate the suffering of IBS, and he and Olga will show some fun recipes to make at home using Bubbies pickles, sauerkraut and pickled tomatoes. http://www.bubbies.com

About The Balancing Act® on Lifetime® Television
Now in its 6th year, The Balancing Act continues to empower women in all aspects of their lives. The mission at The Balancing Act is simple – the show strives to help today’s modern woman balance it all by bringing them exceptional solutions to everyday problems. Entertaining, educational and trusted by women, viewers can tune in to America’s premier morning show The Balancing Act on weekday mornings at 7:00 am (ET/PT) airing on Lifetime television. For additional information or to view a segment visit: http://www.thebalancingact.com

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