Broadway and Beyond

Life is More Than a Cabaret

On this episode, we go behind the scenes of the smash Broadway production of Cabaret as it gears up for its national tour. Amber Milt speaks with the producer who is bringing it on the road, sits down with the talented cast who are definitely quadruple threats – from acting, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments – and learns what it takes to balance it all. Plus, we’re getting schooled about continuing education at Union University, where the median age of returning graduates is 39 and most are women! We speak with enrollment manager Kimbrea Browning and Provost Dr. Nelson Soto who provide enlightening information about today’s adult degree seeker. Then, no time to hit the gym? Rachel Leigh shows us how to get a great workout in the park. Use what you got – swings, monkey bars, even a bench – for these fun and effective exercises that don’t require a gym membership.