Keep your life Balanced with The Balancing Act

From Broadway to Blueberries to Buying Life Insurance

On this episode of The Balancing Act we’ve got great ideas to help keep your life in balance. Join Chef Ralph Pagano as he educates viewers on the ABC’s of blueberries. He’ll share a refreshing parfait recipe, along with other tasty treats. Also on the show, Joy Collins and Diane Bedore of Woman’s Life Insurance Society® discuss the importance of life insurance. Life Insurance is a great means to protecting and providing for the future care of your loved ones in the event of a loss. However, not everything is serious on The Balancing Act. Our viewers get to spend the day with The Balancing Act’s Amber Milt as she meets the creative team and new faces stepping into those iconic roles on The Sound of Music. Perfect timing as they hit the road with a brand new and revitalized touring production. Stay tuned for a show you wont want to miss!