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Protect Your Phone with Asurion

Did you know 80 million people will have their cell phones lost, stolen or damaged this year? And with the phone goes all their precious data and information. Join Bettie Colombo from Asurion as she shows you an easy way to protect your cell phone after that point of peril and all that’s in it. A little bit of insurance goes a long way! Tune in to The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television to hear more.

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Protect Your Phone

Find out about an easy way to protect your cell phone and all that’s in it.

Are you someone that can’t live or afford living without your phone? If yes, you’re not alone!

In today’s day and age phones don’t only just keep growing in size, but also in functionality and importance. Phones have become our personal assistants, cameras, GPS, videographers, address books, notepads, calendars, calculators, friends…. you get the point. Now imagine losing all of these things at once!

Picture this: You’re at the gym exercising on an elliptical machine, and to avoid holding your phone in hand you place it in one of the cup holders. You finish your workout and quickly get off to give someone else a turn. As you prepare for your next set of exercises, you realize your phone isn’t on you.

You immediately run back to the elliptical machine and find your precious phone is no longer in the cup holder you left it in! All of your personal information, pictures, phone numbers, etc. –GONE!

80 million people who will have their phone lost, damaged or stolen this year. Question is: Are you prepared if this where to happen to you?

Asurion can help not only in quickly replacing your lost or stolen phone next day, but most important, retrieving all your lost information. Besides replacing and backing up information, Asurion also provides security by protecting your privacy and your phone from viruses (yes phones get viruses). It also offers tools like remote locking and locating, syncing and wiping.

Everyone should take proper steps in protecting their devices and personal data and have readily available solutions if anything were to happen. Some simple steps include:

Taking advantage of your carrier’s app in determining how to:

  • Backup your contracts/photos/videos
  • Remotely locking your device from any computer
  • Locating your device by sounding an alarm or GPS tracking from your computer
  • Erasing date from your phone if you can’t recover it

For your phone:

  • Activating your password so it locks after planned timeframe
  • Knowing what the retail cost is to replace our phone; not the promotional rate that came tied with your 2- year plan
  • Confirm your insurance covers the big 4: loss, theft, damages and malfunctions

Asurion offers best-in-class, next day device replacement and professional support to lost, stolen and damaged mobile phones. To learn more visit:

If you’re a parent and want the peace of mind of having the ability to contact your kids and your kids contact you, but also want the peace of mind that you can affordably replace their phone if an accident were to occur, Asurion is for you. Stay connected with the people who mean the most to you, and protect the important information and memories you have created.

To see more about Asurion, please tune in on February 22nd at 7:00 am (ET/PT) as Bettie Colombo from Asurion shows you an easy way to protect your cell phone and all that’s in it.

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Asurion LLC, Grand Prairie Foods, Bloomfield Farms LLC Take Center Stage on Upcoming Show

(Pompano Beach, FL – PR LOG –January 18, 2013) To ring in the New Year, popular morning show The Balancing Act® welcomes some of the hottest names in foods — from gluten-free baking to good and tasty breakfasts — on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime TV. Make sure to watch as hosts Danielle and Kristy help jump start the day with animated conversation and lively demonstrations of recipes that balance and empower a women’s life.

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Start the New Year off right with Start Healthy ready-to-heat nutritious breakfast foods made with whole grains, lean meats and cholesterol-free eggs.

• How to Protect Your Cell Phone with Asurion – Cell Phones – such a big part of daily lives. Did you know 80 million people will have their cell phones lost, stolen or damaged this year? There goes all their precious data and information. Join Bettie Colombo from Asurion as she talks about taking proper steps to protect your device and personal data, such as backing up contact info, and shows viewers an easy way to protect their cell phones after that point of peril.

A little bit of Asurion insurance goes a long way to protect loss, theft, damage and malfunction! You don’t want to miss this show!

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The Balancing Act® on Lifetime Television
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