Helping those to Help Themselves

Addiction treatment for first responders may – at first –  seem counter-intuitive…Logic dictates these brave souls, rock-like in their resolve – with nerves of steel and mental toughness second to none will not Logic dictates taht first responders would be the last to seek substance abuse treatment — rock-like with nerves of steel and mental tougness second to none? Yes, first responders are brave and tough…but they’re also human…and substance abuse can happen to anyone, even these courageous men and women. Find out how Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers is helping. And speaking of challenges, many of today’s tech savvy girls incrorrectly believe high tech career opportunities will remain few and far between. That’s changing, thanks in-part to philantropic foundations like MicroSoft’s YouthSpark’s global initiative. Switching topics, did you know that one-third of all pets will go missing at some point in their lifetime?  Fortunately, Mercks’ microchip is re-uniting pets and pet parents..