Family Ties provides smart, practical solutions to help women raise happy, healthy and connected families. By featuring the latest in education, parenting, home organization, safety and technology news to strengthen the family unit, celebrate family traditions and build relationships, we’ll help empower today’s mom and her family.

Health Matters takes us on a journey through fact, fiction and fun as we explore health and wellness issues women want and need to know about. We address relevant issues like early detection, new treatment options, prevention and ground-breaking information to build a strong foundation for achieving a healthier lifestyle.  Special series Behind the Mystery explores rare and genetic diseases.

Everyday Gourmet celebrates the exploration of food and cooks up recipes with gourmet flair for your family. We’ll share shortcuts and secrets of the pros, navigate the grocery store, shop smart and solve the dinner dilemma with delicious meals in minutes, use super food ingredients and discover fresh recipes that will nourish and bring the family back to the table.

My Money is an empowerment series for women that delivers a wealth of information on how to achieve work-life balance, offers educational resources, credit and debt management tools, and tips from experts to demystify insurance, mortgages and finances to protect your family and secure your future.

Eye on Beauty brings natural beauty basics, innovations in anti-aging, the hottest trends in beauty and fashion and solutions to help define her personal style. We’ll feature professional secrets from celebrities and expert guests who reveal their tips for women to get both everyday looks and the dazzling glamour of the Red Carpet.

Behind the Mystery of: Rare and Genetic Diseases is a series produced with the intention of introducing and uniting patient, physician, and scientist with research, education and opportunity to revolutionize the way our health care system works for the Rare and Genetic Minority.

By partnering with The Global Genes Project, The Balancing Act is able to provide available support to patients diagnosed with rare and genetic diseases, and to give hope with news of clinical trials and new treatments. Together, we can begin a new wave of advocacy and support for the rare community.