The name of this re-occurring Balancing Act series says it all…Family Central is the one place to find out all you need to know to help raise happy, healthy and connected families. The place for advice, ideas, and insights from experts who can relate to the challenges women everywhere experience when it comes to their families. The place to learn practical concepts you can put to use every day. Whether it’s sharing quick and easy recipes to get your family to actually eat healthy, relationship advice, or keeping our teens safe and supported, Family Central delivers information in a concise, relatable, and entertaining way that is sure to make this series your one stop shop for everything about the family.

Choose Health is on a mission to empower women with ground breaking information that builds a strong foundation for achieving optimum health and wellness for a lifetime. This re-occurring series on The Balancing Act serves as the go-to destination for women seeking answers to their most common health questions. Tune-in as we address relevant health issues, from the perspective of early detection, new treatment options, prevention and ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The quality of information delivered by Choose Health is top-notch as we interview the best of the best in healthcare, nutrition, medicine, science, fitness, and beyond. Equally important, Choose Health keeps our viewers up to date by tracking the latest and breaking health trends and reporting the most relevant of that information so they can make informed decisions when it comes to their health and the health of their loved ones. Living a healthy life is a journey, not a destination, and along the way Choose Health will keep viewers on track.

Everyday Gourmet celebrates the exploration of food and cooks up recipes with gourmet flair for your family. We’ll share shortcuts and secrets of the pros, navigate the grocery store, shop smart and solve the dinner dilemma with delicious meals in minutes, use super food ingredients and discover fresh recipes that will nourish and bring the family back to the table.

Today most women are the Chief Financial Officer of their homes. Whether they welcome this title or not, this means they are often the primary managers of the household budget and the seekers of savings. Enter Savvy Savings; a reoccurring series on The Balancing Act aimed at helping women stretch their dollars further, find the deals, and show them the savvy way to save without sacrificing the quality they demand. Savvy Savings understands how important their time and money is and we show them ways to avoid wasting both. This is a series loaded with insider’s tips, tricks, and techniques to never pay retail, to capitalize on coupons, and to get the best quality without paying the highest price. Our experts share their secrets so women benefit from their inside info. Things like where you can find some extra cash stashed in the attic or garage, when the best time to book that flight really is, and why sometimes paying more is actually a better value than paying less. If you’re looking for ways to help take your finances further, Savvy Savings will get you there!

Beauty Simplified takes beauty and fashion tips, trends, and solutions and presents them within the context of women’s often crazy and complex lives. It’s beyond lipstick and luxury brands but of course it’s fab, fun, and fashion too. It’s a simplified approach to understanding real beauty for real women. We feature experts in skin care, hair, make-up, and more and uncover their secrets to looking and feeling our best. Beauty Simplified respects our viewers’ time and packs every minute with practical advice, honest insights, and the latest trends in the beauty and fashion world so they can make informed beauty choices wonderfully and simply.

Behind the Mystery of: Rare and Genetic Diseases is a series produced with the intention of introducing and uniting patient, physician, and scientist with research, education and opportunity to revolutionize the way our health care system works for the Rare and Genetic Minority.

By partnering with The Global Genes Project, The Balancing Act is able to provide available support to patients diagnosed with rare and genetic diseases, and to give hope with news of clinical trials and new treatments. Together, we can begin a new wave of advocacy and support for the rare community.